1. OSCON 2006: TimeTravel Tables in PostgreSQL

    A. Elein Mustain is a veteran developer of Ingres, Illustra, and Informix, and is the author of the weekly PostgreSQL General Bits column. Elein showed how to use timestamps to keep an audit trail of all changes in your DB. With this technique, you never actually delete records, you just give them an end date. […]

  2. OSCON 2006: Big Bad PostgreSQL

    Theo Schlossnagle is a principal at OmniTI Computer Consulting, working in the areas of scalable internet architectures, database replication, and e-mail infrastructure. This talk was on converting a really large (over 3 terabytes, largest table is 1.8 billion rows) data warehouse database from Oracle 8i to PostgreSQL. The reason for the conversion was to save […]

  3. OSCON 2006: Rails Guidebook

    Dave Thomas runs The Pragmatic Programmers company with Andy Hunt. He and Hunt co-authored The Pragmatic Programmer and Programming Ruby (AKA ‘The Pickaxe Book’). Mike Clark is co-author of Agile Web Development with Rails, author of Pragmatic Project Automation, and co-teaches Pragmatic Studio: Ruby on Rails. This tutorial was in one of the larger rooms, […]

  4. A new blogger

    Just thought I’d throw up a quick post to introduce myself. I’m Matthew Eernisse, and I’ll be blogging here at SitePoint occasionally — mostly on Web-related stuff like JavaScript, Ajax, Ruby, and PHP, and maybe a bit on design and open source. I’m the author of SitePoint’s Ajax book, and also have a personal Weblog […]

  5. Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications

    Eager to dabble in remote scripting, but don’t know where to start? Let AJAX guru Matthew Eernisse be your pilot — his aerial tour will give you a bird’s-eye view of the basics of building AJAX applications. Then it’s back to the workshop to develop the foundations of an AJAX library on which you can glide to the dizzy heights of Web 2.0 success!