Matt is the co-founder of SitePoint, 99designs and Flippa. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Matt's articles

  1. Macromedia Fireworks 2

    The original Fireworks was the first all-in-one web graphics design and production studio. Find out if Macromedia keeps its claim to the Web Graphic Throne with its latest release, Fireworks 2.

  2. Managing Your Time

    Your most valuable asset is your time. Managing it correctly can literally mean the difference between online success or failure.

  3. Writing for the Web

    Content is the most important part of any site. Find out how to make it more readable, and increase the time visitors spend reading it.

  4. Databasing Your Site

    Are you considering databasing your site? Be sure to read this article first to find out what’s involved and the different options available to you.

  5. Moving Day: Switching Web Hosts

    It’s going to happen at least once to everyone. You either outgrow your web hosting company, they don’t support a new feature that you need, or they just bite. Find out what’s involved in moving your website!