Matt is the co-founder of SitePoint, 99designs and Flippa. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Matt's articles

  1. MSN AdCenter: A Preview

    It’s no secret that MSN is preparing to take on Google AdWords & Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) in the Pay-Per-Click advertising space. has an review & screenshots of the new AdCenter interface and some of the cool features that MSN will be rolling out. Highlights include: Geo-targeting by country, down to specific cities: […]

  2. Yahoo’s Mindset: A New Era

    Yahoo’s Mindset, currently in Beta and part of Yahoo’s research labs, shows us where the future of search may be. Through a slider bar, Yahoo Mindset allows searches to choose their mix of commercial search results vs. informational search results. Try running a search for “san diego hotels” and slide the bar around to see […]

  3. Case Study – Building a Business… Twice!

    What happens when you have to leave your freelance business behind, and start a life in a new town? Why, you start a new business, of course! Matt finds out how this Web service supplier got his brand known – in two countries!