Matt is the co-founder of SitePoint, 99designs and Flippa. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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  1. MSN’s Keyword Forecasting Tool

    MSN adCenter has released a cool keyword forecasting tool. Type in one or more keywords and you’ll get a breakdown as to the number of searches over the past year, and the forecasted number of searches for the next few months. It’s a great way to do more accurate projections on your traffic and sales […]

  2. Interview with Jakob Nielsen

    Matt Mickiewicz interviews Jakob Nielsen, author of the brand new book "Prioritizing Web Usability," about AJAX, usability’s close link to keyword advertising, and some of the advertising formats we’re seeing around the Web today.

  3. Page Strength Analysis Tool has developed a fantastic tool that calculates something they call “Page Strength” which can be used in to gauge the importance and visibility of any Website or Webpage. I think it’s a great tool for any budding entrepreneur or marketer to have, as the Page Strength score is probably a much more accurate reflection […]

  4. Stop MSN From Displaying your DMOZ Descriptions

    Both Google & MSN have an annoying habit of grabbing your site description from the DMOZ directory, rather than using what you have in your Meta Description tag. MSN has finally provided Webmasters with an option to override the default behaviour. What we did was introduce a new option at the page level – a […]

  5. Making the Most out of the Amazon Affiliate Program

    Here’s a company that has managed to create some real value, and at the same time, make some large Amazon commissions for themselves. is a shopping comparison engine across all the International Amazon sites that allows savvy shoppers to exploit price differences on books, music, games and DVD’s across different countries. Not only does […]

  6. How-to Track Global Search Trends

    Google is now providing trendinig data for every keyword in their database. Try this: 1. Visit the keyword tool 2. Enter a keyword such as “PHP” 3. From the drop-down menu select Voila! Google will show a bar shart that shows the total search volume by month, as well as the months in which the […]

  7. AdWords Offers Demographic Site Targeting

    Want your advertising message to reach 18-24 year old women? Now you can with Google AdWords. With the AdWords site tool, you can pick your preferences in up to three different demographic categories. The system will analyze your preferences and create a list of available Google Network sites that are popular with that audience. If […]

  8. Searching For Link Partners on MSN

    MSN has a very cool new feature described at that allows you to see whose linking to your competitors but not to you. For example a search for: ( ( Will provide a list of all sites linking to and but not to Borders… This is a great way to find […]

  9. Google Payments a Go!

    Barry Schwartz at SEORoundtable has two excellent articles about Google payments, and how it can now be used as a substitute to a merchant account by those selling through Google Base. How to join Google Payments through Google Base Buying Items and Accepting Payments at Google Base On a test $1 transaction, the Google fee […]

  10. MSN AdCenter is Open (for today only)!

    For today only, anyone, anywhere in the world, can sign-up to become an advertiser on MSN’s new AdCenter system, which will is competing directly head-to-head with AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. I’ve written about MSN AdCenter previously, and mentioned the unique targeting features that they offer (including, age, gender & time of day). Well, today, […]