Martin is the Managing Director of designIT, a Melbourne firm specialising in effective content management solutions using eZ publish. Martin is also co-author of the first eZ publish book and contributor to the Cutter IT Journal on agile project management and Web development.


  1. Successful Web Development Methodologies Article

    Web development need not be a hit-and-miss proposition. Martin’s colleagues created a unique development methodology, which allowed the Web team to deliver complex projects on-time and on-budget. Here, he shares the details, so you can try it for yourself!

  2. Requirements Gathering Essentials

    There is no simple solution to the complex task of requirements gathering for technical projects. There are, however, a number of key issues you should consider before you gather requirements for any new project. Martin considers each, and explains how they impact on your project’s success.

  3. Rebuilding Gradlink Using eZ publish

    A large industry organisation needs a new Website, complete with CMS. After deep assessment, the development team decides to implement eZ Publish… but the project is not without its hurdles. Follow the team’s trials and successes in this fascinating case study.