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  1. The Best Structure for your Flash Site

    Few developers know how to use Keyframes, ActionScript, and MovieClips, and can control the Flash playhead to their advantage. Optimizing your use of these elements can help you reduce file size, minimize download times, and create efficiencies that make altering your work easy. Mark shows how it’s done in this comprehensive tutorial.

  2. 12 Steps To Faster Flash!

    Searching for ways to speed up your Flash site? Look no further! Mark presents a 12-step plan to optimising your Flash site that will have even the most seasoned Flashers rushing to hone their sites.

  3. Fast-Track Your Flash Site

    Flash sites have had bad press! But Mark blames the developers, not the technology. He shows us step by step how a little modularization can see your Flash site go a long way – a lot faster!