Lucas has been building the web since 1996. His experience covers Content Management, Online Learning, Documentation Management, Product Ordering and ecommerce systems across Linux(Debian/Redhat/CentOS), Mac OS, FreeBSD and Microsoft platforms.

Lucas's articles

  1. EC2 out of Beta: Now with Windows Support & More

    Amazon has announced that its popular EC2 service is now officially out of beta. With this comes an SLA that promises 99.95% uptime, along with a raft of other announcements including beta support for Windows Server operating systems and upcoming server management tools.

  2. Changes to PageRank?

    It seems that Google has recently changed their PageRank algorithm. A number of sites have experienced a significant drop in PageRank as a result. Boing Boing: Was 9, now 7. Engadget: Was 7, now 5. Was 7, now 5. New Scientist: Was 7, now 5. Early reports suggest that sites which sell or exchange […]

  3. Are You Ready to Scale?

    The growth of a typical web site might look a little like something this: You build the first version of your site and deploy it into a shared hosting environment (Dreamhost, etc). All is well. You need to build more features for your growing customer base. Performance and uptime are also concerns, so you move […]

  4. Client-side Load Balancing Web 2.0 Apps is Voodoo

    Digital Web recently published an article about “Client Side Load Balancing for Web 2.0 Applications“. I wanted to take a moment to explain why I think this load balancing technique is a bad idea. But first, here’s the concept in brief: Your web site is deployed in an identical fashion across a number of web […]

  5. Not-so ClearType :: Apple FTW

    There’s been much hoo-hah regarding the font rendering in Apple’s beta release of Safari for Windows. I decided to install the beta myself and see what all the fuss is about. Here’s why I think Apple gets it right and why Microsoft could learn some lessons from them: Apple’s font renderer more accurately maintains the […]

  6. Virtualization – Save Time, Money and Sanity

    Raena, co-author of SitePoint’s Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes, shows how to boost your theme development efforts using the Thematic theme framework. It will save you heaps of tedious setup time, leaving you free to dive into the fun part of making your theme look great.

  7. Flocking To The Coop

    Introducing “The Coop“. An experimental Firefox add-on that will let you to see what your friends are doing online, as well as share content with them from popular web services such as Flickr, YouTube,, etc. Some of the cooler features include auto-discovery of your contacts data feeds, and the ability to drag and drop […]

  8. Using Plugins in Your App

    Rails plugins can help you do all sorts of things. Installing them is a lot simpler than you might think, deploying them is easy, and they’re a neat way of packaging and reusing your own code. Nuby on Rails has posted part one of their Complete Guide to Rails Plugins. Definitely worth checking out if […]

  9. Try Ruby!

    Keen to give this Ruby thing a go, but don’t have the time/resources/know-how to set up a test environment? There’s a spanky little interactive Ruby tutorial you can try. All you need is your web browser and a spare 15 minutes. A great way to get acquainted with the Ruby language and interpreter.

  10. PHP 4.3.11 and 5.04 Released

    The new releases include several security fixes relating to the exif and fbsql extensions, as well as the unserialize(), swf_definepoly() and getimagesize() functions. There are also over 70 non-critical bug fixes. The PHP Dev Team says that all PHP users are “strongly encouraged to upgrade”. PHP download page. PHP 4.3.11 ChangeLog. PHP 5.0.4 ChangeLog.