Louis joined SitePoint in 2009 as a technical editor, and has since moved over into a web developer role at Flippa. He enjoys hip-hop, spicy food, and all things geeky.

Louis's articles

  1. Madlib-style forms increase conversion by 30%? Well, maybe …

    A while back, while writing about Google’s Social Graph API, I mentioned Jeremy Keith’s audio-sharing web app, Huffduffer, and its unconventional signup form. The first time you see it, it strikes you as a pleasant novelty, but the recently published results of an A/B test might make you see it differently.

  2. Debug PHP with Firebug and FirePHP

    If you’re anything like me, you’d sooner forgo water than Firebug when working on a web project. The little ’bug is a fantastically useful HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax debugger. But did you know it can also be used to debug PHP? Yes, thanks to an additional Firefox extension called FirePHP.

  3. The Dark Side of HTML 5 Video

    YouTube and Vimeo have both launched Beta support for HTML 5 video to replace their current Flash-based players. That’s a good thing, right? Not necessarily.

  4. The Easy Way To Install PHP on Windows

    The new Web Platform Installer from Microsoft makes setting up PHP and PHP-based applications on Windows a breeze. Louis walks us through what’s available with this new tool and shows us how simple it is to start off with WordPress or Drupal on Windows with IIS.

  5. Show Me the Data!

    No one wants to read through thousands and thousands of lines of data looking for a trend. But what’s the best way to condense all that data into a simple visual representation? Read our latest tutorial to find out!