1. Marking your own exam

    On the Ixd Discussion List at the moment there’s a discussion being held about the difference between the role of the interaction designer (often written as IxD or IaD) and usability specialist. In a nutshell, the interaction designer will design user interface behaviours and user interactions on a site, hopefully based on previous research that’s […]

  2. Usability Stifles Creativity!

    I often read comments across various usability and interaction design mail lists discussing the pro’s and con’s of user testing. One argument that seems to come up again and again is the impact of user testing on the creative process. Experienced designers and user experience professionals frequently debate whether user testing actually stifles the design […]

  3. Usability heuristics for web development teams

    Often when clients have a relatively low budget for usability testing, or a short amount of time in which to conduct it, an ‘expert’ or an ‘heuristic’ review will be run by an experienced usability practitioner. There are slight differences between the two, with the expert review entailing a less formal evaluation process than the […]

  4. Where are all the visited links?

    Something I’ve become aware of lately is the near extinction of the visited link state. In a recent comparative review of six industry-related government websites, only one site displayed visited links. And even then it was only on content text links, rather than the main site navigation. I have to admit, it really surprised me; […]

  5. Usability for Developers

    If there’s one thing that’s caught my attention in the past six months, it’s an increase in the variety of web roles incorporating usability. I’ve noticed this across a number of areas: job posts, industry events, online discussions and personal tagging on social networking sites such as Web Connections. SitePoint has even released a Usability […]