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  1. Domain Redemption Period Farce Exposed!

    At its launch, ICANN’s domain redemption system sounded like the answer to every domain name owner’s prayers. But ICANN and VeriSign have seen to it that the system has become the industry joke. Lee reveals all…

  2. Dot Biz Launched!

    Lee’s got the scoop on the launch of .biz domain names. Does your site qualify for a .biz? Do you need another domain name? And where can you register? Lee explains all in this SitePoint exclusive!

  3. Domain Name Goldrush Part 1 – The Rules of Play

    If you’ve tried to register a domain name between 6.30 and 7.00 am (EST), chances are you haven’t have been successful. What’s going on? Is it because domain registration companies are too lazy to boot up the registration systems in the morning? No, it’s something a lot more interesting…