Lachlan joined SitePoint in 2004 as a PHP application developer. He has a keen interest in accessible web design and actively participates in the open source community.

Lachlan's articles

  1. Behind the Scenes at SitePoint: Code Week

    You might not realize it, but quietly hidden in our secret lair, a team of developers are furiously building the next generation of Marketplace and Contests. Our mission is fairly simple: take the current system and build it into a solidly architected platform which we can grow rapidly into something truly beautiful. Initially we […]

  2. Eval is dead! Long live Eval!

    I’m Lachlan Donald, the new guy here at SitePoint. I’ll be helping out with PHP blog content along with the other guys here. Eval seems to be a hot topic of discussion lately, especially in light of the recent vBulletin exploits and past exploits in common applications such as phpMyAdmin. Eval is one of the […]