Kyle Sanders is an eCommerce entrepreneur and co-founder of Complete Web Resources, a WordPress design and digital marketing refinery based out of Colorado. When not living on the web, he enjoys craft beers, live music, and the occasional fútbol match.

Kyle's articles

  1. 5 Essential Elements of a Successful Business App

    The ever-growing population of smartphone owners has led more and more companies to develop mobile business apps to cater to customers and generate leads. What used to be an optional “nice to have” mobile component is now becoming an essential part of any business, regardless of industry. But, to build a great mobile presence for […]

  2. 15 Gorgeous “Under Construction” Themes

    Almost every website worth its clout goes under construction at one point or another. Frequent redesigns are often a sign of a very well-curated website and a business behind it that’s willing to invest in maintaining a modern, effective web presence. As designers, even if we get it our design right the first time, we’ll […]