Konstantin Kichinsky works at Microsoft Russia as Academic Developer Evangelist with special focus on HTML5 and IE, and apps design and UX for Windows Phone. Catch his blog here.

Konstantin's articles

  1. Mastering CSS3: 7 Cool text-shadow Samples You Can’t Miss

    We’ve been exploring the basics on how to use CSS3 shadows: box-shadow and text-shadow. Today, we are going to improve our skills and look into how to build some amazing text-shadows. Some of the ideas for shadows, I found in various tutorials for Photoshop— I was interested in whether or not I could achieve similar […]

  2. Mastering CSS3 Text Shadows

    Our journey to the world of shadows continues. If you missed the article, we explored the basics of using the box-shadow property. Today we are going to focus on the text-shadow. Just to remind you: both properties, while defined in different modules, actually work in a similar way. So if you are already familiar with […]

  3. Mastering Box Shadows

    In this tutorial we will study the art of mastering shadows with CSS3. There are two types: box-shadow and text-shadow, defined respectively in the modules and CSS3 Text.