I'm Egyptian Google Student Ambassador, Web Developer and student of Computer Science faculty, I love Ruby programming language and I am also interested in Social Networking Development specially with Rails/Sinatra web frameworks.

Karim's articles

  1. Rails: User/Password Authentication from Scratch, Part II

    In Part One of this series, I explained how to create a Rails application with a sign up form. This article concludes the process of user authentication Authentication Method As we can now save encrypted passwords in the database, it’s time to setup the authentication method that will take a username/email and password to find […]

  2. Rails: User/Password Authentication from Scratch, Part I

    (Note: Source code accompanying this article can be found here.) Today we’re going to learn how to implement simple user authentication in a Rails application from scratch. We’ll examine best practices to help avoid common, often costly, mistakes. Introduction to User Authentication Password-protected actions are a common feature in most web applications, only allowing registered […]