Karim is an entrepreneur who passionate about Web, Education and Efficiency. He loves to write well-tested clean code which follows best practice and achieves highest performance. He specialise in Ruby and Javascript development (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra & AngularJS). Also he does like to design responsive UIs using modern CSS frameworks, and very interested in acronyms like TDD, OOD and DevOps. Follow @Azzurrio to share any thoughts with him.

Karim's articles

  1. Integrate Braintree Payments into Rails


    In a previous article, I cover how to build an online store with Rails from scratch, explaining how to build a shopping cart using Redis. This article continues down that path, adding how to accept payments using Braintree. Braintree helps online businesses process credit card payments by providing a merchant account, payment gateway, recurring billing, and credit card storage.

  2. Build an Online Store with Rails

    Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows customers to directly buy products or services like e-books, software, and streaming media over the Internet using a web browser. This kind of shopping is a part of our daily lives, used by many well-known sites, such as Amazon, E-bay, or various streaming media/educational sites.

    This series will build an online store from scratch. We will learn how to use Rails with some great tools, such as:

    • Foundation to design responsive pages
    • Redis to store shopping cart items quickly in memory
    • Braintree to accept payments and provide premium plan subscriptions.
  3. Rails: User/Password Authentication from Scratch, Part II

    In Part One of this series, I explained how to create a Rails application with a sign up form. This article concludes the process of user authentication Authentication Method As we can now save encrypted passwords in the database, it’s time to setup the authentication method that will take a username/email and password to find […]

  4. Rails: User/Password Authentication from Scratch, Part I

    (Note: Source code accompanying this article can be found here.) Today we’re going to learn how to implement simple user authentication in a Rails application from scratch. We’ll examine best practices to help avoid common, often costly, mistakes. Introduction to User Authentication Password-protected actions are a common feature in most web applications, only allowing registered […]