Kevin began developing for the Web in 1995 and is a highly respected technical author. Kev is a world-renowned author, speaker and JavaScript expert. He has a passion for making web technology easy to understand by anyone. Yes, even you!

Kevin's articles

  1. SitePoint Podcast #77: Paper or Blu-ray?

    Tons to talk about in this week’s SitePoint Podcast: September 15th appears to be a nexus for the Web development world; Microsoft Russia lets slip an early peek at Internet Explorer 9’s user interface; Facebook puts another nail in the IE6 coffin; Google dramatically bows out of JavaOne over Oracle’s Android lawsuit; and H.264 threatens to turn the Web from paper into Blu-ray. Listen in for all this—and our host spotlights!

  2. SitePoint Podcast #75: Awesome Overkill

    A massive hour-long episode this week, covering Facebook boxes, Twitter buttons, Adobe fonts, and jQuery charts. Also this week, find out why it’s still so popular to beat up on Internet Explorer, and just how many lines of code it takes to build a completely blank website.

  3. SitePoint Podcast #73: Cease and Desoup

    This week, Patrick, Stephan, Brad, and Kevin discuss the latest legal ruling on cookie stuffing, how Chrome’s new six-week update cycle may harm browser adoption, whether code validation is still worthwhile, and the early results we’re seeing from content paywall experiments at The Times. All this, plus our host spotlights, on this episode of the SitePoint Podcast!

  4. SitePoint Podcast #72: Web Video and Social Media with Gregory Ng and Wayne Sutton

    This week, Patrick O’Keefe, Stephan Segraves, and Brad Williams interview Gregory Ng, the Frozen Food Master at Freezer Burns, a popular web video show focused on frozen food reviews that can be found at, and Wayne Sutton, the Business Development and Marketing Strategist at TriOut, a geolocation based startup that’s focused on the Triangle area of North Carolina.

  5. SitePoint Podcast #71: The Revolving Internet

    In an atypically non-technical show this week, Patrick, Brad, and Kevin discuss the war of words between WordPress’s Matt Mullenweg and Thesis’s Chris Pearson. Also, whose analytics do you believe, and which analytics are your prospective advertisers reading? And is Google monitoring your mouse movements?

  6. Razor-sharp Images in Mobile Safari on iPhone 4

    The latest generation of smartphone displays have vastly higher pixel densities than their desktop counterparts–more than double in the case of the iPhone 4’s much vaunted Retina display. The difference is now so large that mobile browsers have been forced to start auto-scaling content, typically rendering a CSS dimension of 1px as two physical screen […]