Kelly Steele is the English Editor for SitePoint.

Kelly's articles

  1. Create a Gem of an Extension in Sinatra

    RubySource contributor Darren Jones has written a book on Sinatra as part of SitePoint’s latest Jump Start series. With these “novella-sized” books, devs pressed for time can get up to speed on a new language or framework in just one weekend. In this excerpt, Darren explains how to create an admin extension in Sinatra. Take […]

  2. User Experience and Uncovering Habits to Change Behavior

    Understanding your customers and their habits is critical to creating compelling positive user experiences. Here, author Jodie Moule shares an excerpt from her new SitePoint book Killer UX Design, which explores: What makes a habit How do you measure a habit What does a habitual user (of your product/website/service) look like? ¬†Enjoy. Now over to […]