Kim Barloso is a training officer for a BPO by profession and writes online in her free time. Kim is an Android fan and avid blogger of all things Android. When she's not busy blogging, she's probably hunting for the coolest apps in the Market.

Kim's articles

  1. Create Beautiful Collages With Photo Grid for Android

    Mobile enthusiasts are using their phones more and more often to take pictures and share them online. Social networks like Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook have all grown huge online presences accompanied by millions of these photos. But, despite all of these popular photo-sharing platforms, taking photos (and sharing them) from a smartphone is usually done […]

  2. Organize and Backup Your Notes with SomNote for Android

    Most of the time, note-taking is an urgent, spur-of-the-moment activity that demands a fast and efficient approach. For this, a smartphone app has to be simple enough so that the user can quickly jot down and save them, but also versatile enough for tasks other than just storing and viewing quick snippets of information. Although […]

  3. Do More With Friendcaster Facebook Client For Android

    Friendcaster¬†is a Facebook client that offers more features than Facebook’s own Android equivalent, making it an excellent alternative to the official app. To start with, there are a number of things you can do on Friendcaster that you can’t do with the standard Facebook mobile app. User Interface Within the interface alone, Friendcaster offers more […]

  4. Box: Store Everything in the Cloud

    File storage used to be a painful chore before syncing, cloud-based file storage. Having different versions of files on different devices made for a lot of unnecessary tedium and confusion. People used to try to remedy these difficulties with email-based backups or version-based file names (like “project-proposal-version-5-3.doc”), but these techniques rarely proved to be effective, […]