1. The Week in ColdFusion: 26 March-1st April: No fooling here

    On BlueDragon Open Source: Vince Bonfanti, President of New Atlanta, has announced that BlueDragon Open Source will be unveiled at the cf.Objective() conference in May. Vince also speaks his mind on the latest instalment of the ColdFusion Weekly podcast, and is interviewed by Dan Wilson in this dzone article. From the Adobe camp: CF Product […]

  2. Geoff Bowers on the FarCry Framework

    FarCry is best known as an open source CMS, but did you know that it was also a full-blown web application framework? In this interview, Kay Smoljak grills the creator of FarCry on how it came about, where it’s being used, and what the future holds.

  3. The Week in ColdFusion: 19-25 March: Adobe have been busy

    Lots of Adobe news: First, this week has been Adobe Developer Week, with three ColdFusion sessions being run by Adam Lehman. Don’t worry if you’ve missed them – Adam assures us that they will be recorded, and he will post the locations once they are available. Still from Adobe: the web site for the 2008 […]

  4. The Week in ColdFusion: 12-18 March: Beyond the New Atlanta announcement

    More fallout from the BlueDragon open source announcement of last week: New Atlanta President Vince Bonfanti attempts to clear up some misconceptions; Allan Williamson gives an example of how the new open source version can be used by developers in conjuction with Amazon Web Services, and calls for community involvement in BlueDragon’s future; Michael Sharman […]

  5. The Week in ColdFusion: 5-11 March: BlueDragon steals the show

    Without doubt the biggest news this week has been the announcement by New Atlanta that they are open-sourcing the J2EE edition of BlueDragon, one of their CFML server products. Other editions will remain as commercial products. The reactions from around the blogosphere have ranged from the enthusiastic gushing of SitePoint blogger Eric Jones in New […]

  6. The Week in ColdFusion: 27 Feb-4 Mar: Fun with CFGRID

    Something a bit different to start off this week: Daemon, the people behind the FarCry CMS/framework, the Fullasagoog RSS aggregator (where much of the material for this column is found) and the WebDU conference, are attempting to get the FarCry codebase into the Google Summer of Code program. If successful, it will be the first […]

  7. The Week in ColdFusion: 20-26 Feb: it’s a little AIRy around here

    The RSS tubes were clogged this week with news of the 1.0 release of Adobe AIR, the desktop client for rich internet applications, and Flex 3. It’s exciting news for sure, but I probably didn’t need to read about it 40-50 times over! Fortunately, I managed to find some ColdFusion news out there too… Before […]

  8. The Week in ColdFusion: 13-19 Feb: Hidden gems

    The Software and Information Industry Association have announced the Codie Awards finalists for 2008 – and ColdFusion 8 is listed in the Best Web Services Solution category.  The winners are revealed in May. One for the Mac users: the built-in rich text editor in ColdFusion 8 uses FCKEditor – but at the time when CF8 […]

  9. The Week in ColdFusion: 6-12 Feb: Spreading the ColdFusion love

    Fresh blogging blood: Adam Lehaman, previously Adobe’s “ColdFusion Specialist”, is now a full time ColdFusion Evangelist – and he’s also relaunched his blog, Adrocknaphobia. I had the pleasure of seeing Adam present during the CFCAMP event in Perth late last year, so I can tell you he’s really good at what he does. Also on […]

  10. The Week in ColdFusion: 30 Jan-5 Feb: a bit of everything

    With January gone, the year is really starting to swing into gear, and ColdFusion blogs are busier than ever. In the coding department, Steve Nelson continues his series on using the Google Calendar API with Google Calendar API – Creating a new Calendar with ColdFusion and Google Calendar API: Using ColdFusion to get a list […]