1. cf.Objective Conference Wrap-up

    cf.Objective() 2008, the third instalment of the “enterprise engineering conference for ColdFusion MX Programmers” run by Jared Rypka-Hauer, is now over for another year. cf.Objective() is unique in the conference circuit in that it concentrates almost solely on advanced topics. It also seems to generate a huge buzz in the community, and attracts attendees from […]

  2. Frameworks, frameworks everywhere

    Frameworks are a favorite topic of mine. Just to get everyone on the same page, Wikipedia says a framework is “a basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues”. Put more simply in application development terms, a framework is a set of files (code), conventions and best practices designed to help structure code […]

  3. The Week in ColdFusion: 23-29 April: sharpen your skills

    Resources Because that’s just the kind of guy he is, Charlie Arehart keeps a massive list of tools and resource of interest to ColdFusion developers – over 700 resources in over 100 categories. This week Charlie highlights the categories in his mammoth link collection. Come back when you’re through all that! Subscribers to MXNA, the […]

  4. John Farrar on the COOP ColdFusion Framework

    In this, the second of Kay’s series of interviews with ColdFusion framework developers, John Farrar talks up the new kid on the Rapid Application Development block — COOP — and explains how being "cooped up" is the best thing that could happen to a ColdFusion developer.

  5. Open Screen Project aims to put Flash everywhere

    Today Adobe announced the Open Screen Project which aims to bring the Flash player to as many different devices as possible. Cutting through the jargon on the press release, the most significant points are that Adobe are removing restrictions on usage of the Flash and Flash video specifications (SWF, FLV, and F4V), publishing the device […]

  6. The Week in ColdFusion: 16-22 April: Community best practices

    Welcome to the 15th “Week in ColdFusion” wrap-up! I hope that I’m saving people time, or at least pointing out some handy posts you might have missed. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment. Too long? Too short? Not enough of X? Too much Y? I’d love to hear it! Best Practices Onto […]

  7. The Week in ColdFusion: 9-15 April: Code crazy

    For some reason, the blogosphere absolutely exploded this week. Even if you subscribe to MXNA, Fullasagoog or one of the other CF blog aggregators, check this list out to see if you missed anything… The hype over the ColdFusion 8.0.1 release has died down a little, and there were a handful of items this week […]

  8. The Week in ColdFusion: 2-8 April: updater overload

    Obviously the big news this week was that the first ColdFusion updater, 8.0.1, was released – and was subsequently re-announced by seemingly every blog in MXNA and Fullasagoog! In between all the announcements were some posts exploring the new features: Ray Camden shows how it’s now easier to add PDF watermarks Brian Rinaldi and Barney […]

  9. ColdFusion 8 Updater 1 released

    After a long beta cycle, ColdFusion 8.0.1 is now available! The updater incorporates a heap of fixes and enhancements which you can read about in the release notes (PDF) and FAQ. Notably, 64-bit support has been added to almost every platform – a feature that many organisations were waiting for – and JDK support has […]