1. The Week in ColdFusion: 18-24 June: CFML, Fast and Furious

    One of the big topics this week has been the announcement of the CFML Advisory Committee at CFUnited. This group, headed up by Sean Corfield, includes members of the Adobe ColdFusion community and the Railo community, but notably no one from the Open BlueDragon camp. Ben Forta has posted his thoughts on the committee, and […]

  2. The Week in ColdFusion: 11–17 June: ColdFusion 9 sneak peak leaks

    Scotch on the Rocks and WebDU were last week (see my WebDU Day 1 post here) and CFUnited is now underway. It looks like CFUnited will generate heaps of blog posts, so I’ll probably have a separate conference round up after it’s over – but for now, a few advance details for ColdFusion 9 (coming […]

  3. WebDU Day 1: AIR, Ajax, CS4 and a little bit of usability

    Now well-established in it’s sixth year, WebDU in Sydney is the top Australian conference for Adobe-based technologies (primarily Flex and ColdFusion). The venue for 2008’s conference was the Sydney Convention Centre – a move away from Star City casino, where it has been held for the past four years, although not a move away from […]

  4. 10 Questions for Mark Mandel on Transfer ORM

    Ahead of the WebDU conference next week, Mark Mandel just yesterday released version 1.0 of Transfer ORM. If you’re wondering what the hell Transfer ORM is and why you should care, I asked Mark to answer a few questions to explain it all to us. This post is in the same series (and uses the […]

  5. The leadup to WebDU: web conference with a difference

    The time for WebDU, Australia’s only web conference with a dedicated ColdFusion track, is just around the corner. The fun starts next week with workshops on the 11th of June followed by the conference itself on the 12th and 13th, at the Sydney Convention Centre. I’ll be there to cover all the action for SitePoint. […]

  6. The Week in ColdFusion: 21-27 May: Better late than never

    ColdFusion 8 is an award-winner once again – this time it’s the SIIA’s Codie Awards (hat tip to  Ben Forta). Ben also points out that UK based Software Editorial magazine has published a detailed review on ColdFusion 8 and they’re encouraging businesses to try ColdFusion out. Open Source Two posts from Alan Williamson this week […]

  7. The Week In ColdFusion: 14-20 May: Keep on growing the community

    Conference season update The WebManiacs conference is on in Washington DC at the moment, so I’ll do a full report on that next week. The week after will be Scotch on the Rocks in Edinburgh (June 4-6) before CFUnited (June 18-21). Excitement is building – part 2 of Speakers getting ready for CFUnited has been […]