Josh Catone joined Mashable in May 2009 and is Executive Director of Editorial Projects. Before joining Mashable, Josh was the Lead Writer at ReadWriteWeb, the Lead Blogger at SitePoint, and the Community Evangelist at DandyID.

Josh's articles

  1. Google Adds Search Volume to Keyword Tool

    Google announced yesterday evening that it was adding search volume numbers to its AdWords Keyword Tool. The improvement will be helpful for search marketers planning ad buys and for anyone doing market research and checking up on competitors.

  2. 3 Big Changes to SitePoint’s Blogs

    Hello! My name is Josh Catone and I’m the newest addition to the SitePoint blogging team. My goal is to bring you coverage of the latest web tech news, along with some analysis and opinion.

  3. Social Search is Not the Future

    There are a lot of people who think that social search is the next big thing, and it may very well play a big role in the future of web search. But social search is not the magic bullet that will take down Google.

  4. How to Speak Directly to Your Customers

    Social media tools now allow companies to speak directly to their customers in ways that weren’t possible just ten years ago. Here are 4 tips for how to get in the conversation and best leverage the new tools at your disposal.

  5. What Facebook Should Do Next

    Facebook is at a crossroads. It trails MySpace in the US market, it is facing increased pressure from Google’s OpenSocial, and it is struggling to justify a mammoth valuation. Here are two radical ideas that could keep it on top.

  6. Let the Crowd Build Your App

    With the explosion of user generated content, entire web sites are being built on the back of crowd input. But there’s no reason you can’t leverage that same concept to build the back end of your web site well.