Josh Catone joined Mashable in May 2009 and is Executive Director of Editorial Projects. Before joining Mashable, Josh was the Lead Writer at ReadWriteWeb, the Lead Blogger at SitePoint, and the Community Evangelist at DandyID.

Josh's articles

  1. Why a Bad Economy Will Help Social Networks

    Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost over the past few months, and that might turn out to be a good thing for social networks and online entertainment sites. Why? Escapism. But only if they can weather the storm.

  2. The Top 5 Places to Share Code Quickly

    Pasting code back and forth with others is essential when working through development issues collaboratively, but it’s also not always possible. Enter the pastebin. Here are our picks for the five best code paste sites.

  3. Will IE8 Be Enough to Save Internet Explorer?

    Internet Explorer’s share of the browser market has slipped each month for the past six months in a row, while competitors Firefox, Safari, and Chrome have all grown. Will IE8 be enough to reverse that trend?

  4. Cut Costs by Saving Ink with Ecofont

    Dutch marketing and design firm Spranq has come up with a great idea: a font that saves both money and the environment by cutting ink usage by up to 20%. And the new font, called the Ecofont, is free and open source.

  5. Open Thread: How to Prevent Data Loss

    Recently social bookmarking site Ma.gnolia experienced startup hell: complete and possibly irreversible data loss. That brings up an interesting discussion topic. What’s the best way to manage backups for a web site/service?

  6. Google Launches Tools to Test for Bandwidth Throttling

    Google has long been an advocate for network neutrality in the US, and their latest salvo in the effort to make sure ISPs must treat all traffic equally is the backing of a new lab that provides tools for users to test for bandwidth throttling.