Former owner and partner of web firm Jenesis Technologies, John is currently Director of Digital Strategy at Haines Local Search, a company providing local search marketing solutions to SMBs, including print and Internet Yellow Pages, web design, and local SEO. When not working or spending time with his family, John offers great sales and marketing advice on his blog, Small Business Marketing Sucks.

John's articles

  1. Your Client Contact Left Your Biggest Account. Now What?

    Imagine you followed my advice several month ago and managed to land your first big client. By now, you’ve discovered that large clients are a great source of ongoing work—and they pay on time. Since you value their business, you’ve spent time nurturing the relationship. That’s good. But if that person is your only client […]

  2. 5 Qualities of a Successful Freelance Web Professional

    Once upon a time, being a web professional meant you designed websites. Then along came CSS, PHP, the iPhone, and Facebook. Today, being a “web professional” can mean being a designer, coder, developer, search engine optimization specialist, copywriter, or even a social media guru. So what makes one a successful freelance web professional? I’ll skip […]

  3. 7 Qualities of a Good Client

    They say a business partnership is like a marriage. And a bad one can have repercussions that lasts for years. So, just like a marriage, you ought to make sure the qualities and characteristics of your business partner are compatible with your values. A bad client is more like a bad vacation—miserable but not life-threatening. […]

  4. 13 Social Media Stats You Need to Know

    Last week, I gave you 32 Marketing Stats You Need to Know. Since online marketing is more than just web, mobile, and search, here are 13 Social Media Stats You Need to Know. Reviews Influence Purchase Decisions 90% of consumers say positive online reviews influenced buying decisions 86% said buying decisions were influenced by negative […]

  5. 32 Marketing Stats You Need to Know

    I love statistics. Not for the sake of themselves, but because of what they tell me. Statistics tell a story—but only to those who know how to interpret them correctly. For example, from my days of managing a telemarketing department, I know that a successful appointment setter should be able to make at least 90 […]

  6. How Technological Disruption Can Help You Acquire More Clients

    In 1995, I was hired by a company which, eight short years earlier, had single-handedly made an entire industry obsolete. The year was 1987. Up until that point, they used to paint billboards by hand. That is, until Metromedia Technologies developed a proprietary digital paint system for large-format graphics. If you can imagine an inkjet […]

  7. Web Design Workflow: Essential Tools

    In my last article, I explained the need to manage your workflow. Whether you handle a few complex projects at a time, or a large number of small ones, you need a system. Your system needs tools to function. Gone are the days when I tracked a job’s progress with a printed checklist. Welcome to […]

  8. Web Design Workflow Made Easy

    In my web career, I’ve gone from managing a few complex projects at a time, to juggling a large number of smaller ones. Selling your services and fulfilling that service both require a systematic process to getting things done. When I ran my web business, we built higher-end custom sites, so it was rare to […]

  9. The Web Designer’s Copyright Crash Course

    The past two articles, I’ve written about how image copyrights work and the danger of using photos and graphics found on a Google search. But copyright laws apply to more than just imagery. Copying a design layout or written copy from another site can also land you on the wrong site of an infringement claim. […]