Former owner and partner of web firm Jenesis Technologies, John is currently Director of Digital Strategy at Haines Local Search, a company providing local search marketing solutions to SMBs, including print and Internet Yellow Pages, web design, and local SEO. When not working or spending time with his family, John offers great sales and marketing advice on his blog, Small Business Marketing Sucks.

John's articles

  1. So What Exactly is “Value” and How Do I Use It to Sell?

    How do you sell the value of your work to your clients? If you’re selling the hours you’ll put in, or your skills and experience, you might be missing out on potential sales. In this article, John provides some tactics for selling the real value of your work.

  2. Bulletproof Web Design Contracts

    Few Web professionals have contracts, and those who do may not be as well-covered as they think. Before you find yourself in the firing line, take John’s advice. Here, he reveals the issues that even the most basic Web work agreement should address, and explains why you need to make sure they’re in every agreement you sign.