Former owner and partner of web firm Jenesis Technologies, John is currently Director of Digital Strategy at Haines Local Search, a company providing local search marketing solutions to SMBs, including print and Internet Yellow Pages, web design, and local SEO. When not working or spending time with his family, John offers great sales and marketing advice on his blog, Small Business Marketing Sucks.

John's articles

  1. Two Simple Ways to Become More of a “People Person”

    In high school, the popular kids got invited to the best parties. If you thought those days were behind you, guess again. It seems that the less outgoing of us can also get passed up for the best gigs or that next job promotion. If you always wanted to be more of a “people person” but didn’t know where to start, John Tabita lays out some simple steps to help you out.

  2. Price, Quality, or Service: Pick Two

    Can a business provide the best service and the highest quality at the lowest price … and survive? Are you frustrated trying to provide all three? Find out the combination that works for you in John Tabita’s latest article.

  3. “It Works!”

    We’ve all heard how talking about benefits is the key to successful selling. But is that what really motivates prospects to buy? John Tabita explores the missing ingredient in the “features and benefits” recipe.

  4. Selling Yourself: What’s Your Secret Sauce?

    Is it really true that the best sales people are those naturally born ones? Is all hope lost for those of us who want to sell our services but weren’t fortunate enough to be born with the right personality? Find out in this intriguing article by John Tabita.

  5. Put Your Marketing Machine in Motion

    Successful marketing is all about having a plan. In this article, John Tabita shows you how to improve your marketing strategy’s overall effectiveness and get results.

  6. Best Business Entity: Sole Proprietor or Corporation?

    Is sole proprietor or sole trader the best business entity when first starting out? When should you consider incorporating, if ever? In this article, John Tabita gives you the benefit of his experience to help you figure out your best course of action.