Jamie Munro is the author of Rapid Application Development with CakePHP, 20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3, and most recently 20 Recipes for Programming PhoneGap - all books are available in print and electronic format.

Jamie's articles

  1. Implementing PSR-3 with log4php

    log4php is an open source Apache project that is a very versatile logging framework. With the recent passage of PSR-3, a standard for a common interface for logging libraries, it seems appropriate to discuss implementing the interface using the logging library. See how easy it is to leverage both PSR-3 and log4php to bring logging to your applications.

  2. Using SSH and SFTP with PHP

    In today’s world with so many third-party integrations and content-sharing, it’s important to understand and make use of protocols like SCP and SFTP. PHP’s SSH2 extension, a wrapper for libssh2 which implements the SSH2 protocol, provides several functions you can use to securely transfer files.

  3. Creating a PHP OAuth Server

    If you’ve ever integrated with another API that requires security (such as Twitter), you’ve probably consumed an OAuth service. In this article, you’ll see what it takes to create a three-legged OAuth server using the oauth-php library. With your own OAuth server, you can do cool things like create your own secure API which you can then release publicly.

  4. Better Performance – Speeding Up Your CakePHP Website

    CakePHP’s ability to let you rapidly develop extremely complex web applications is amazing, but Cake also has a reputation for being a slow-performing framework. This article will show you that with just a few modifications to your production environment, your CakePHP websites can run lightening fast!