Jacob McMillen works freelance as a writer, link builder, web designer, basketball player, movie viewer, treehouse builder, ballerina dancer, and much, much more. In addition to throwing down sweet lines about manly stuff, he enjoys showing people how using Save1 internet service coupons can help feed starving kids around the world.

Jacob's articles

  1. Optimizing Conversions: It’s All About the “Why”

    I was watching an old Ted Talks favorite the other day. Simon Sinek was explaining how the most successful individuals, companies, and organizations operate from a “’why’ first” perspective, rather than a “’what’ first” perspective. In other words, their mission statement isn’t simply a paragraph on the About Page designed to make their company look […]

  2. Making The Pitch

    If you’re in the web industry and you’re a freelancer or run your own business, you probably have to deal with making the sales pitch. Jacob McMillen doesn’t really like it, but he has ideas on how it can be done well.