When he's not being a complete goofball, “they” drag Justyn into the office where he pretends to be a Senior Editor and Content Engineer at Creative Content Experts — a content marketing firm out of NW Arkansas. He has 10+ years’ experience in technical writing and geek-related fields. He loves WordPress, coffee, and peanut butter a little too much.

Justyn's articles

  1. Build An FAQ Page That Tracks Popular Questions

    FAQ pages are typically fairly easy from a design standpoint. But, they also beg the question: Which of these questions are truly “frequently asked”? Rather than relying on guesswork when it comes to FAQ content, we could find out which questions are truly the common ones by tracking user activity on the FAQ page and […]

  2. 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Site

    You’ve designed a beautiful site. It looks great, it sells widgets, and it gets the job done! But, there’s always room for improvement, especially on the technical side of things. One of the best ways to improve the overall experience on your site is to enhance your site speed. Besides making the experience better for your […]

  3. How To Tailor a WordPress Template In 15 Minutes

    You know what my favorite WordPress development gigs are? The ones where I get to start from scratch and build out a theme on my own. I really don’t like having to jump into a previously modded theme and try to figure out what’s going. So, let me show you my own quick fixes for […]

  4. Create a Customized Print Stylesheet in Minutes

    You’ve seen it before: you designed a beautiful layout and someone walks into your office with a print off and you cringe at the site of your hard work horrifically misrepresented by the printer. Printed versions of a web design are rarely what you’d expect. They take some additional tweaking and some staging. But, an […]

  5. Build a Responsive Design Using 960 Grid

    In a recent post, I detailed how to design a 12-column theme built around a 960 pixel grid. In this article, we will upgrade our theme concept and make the entire thing responsive. By responsive, I mean that the various column widths will adapt to the screen size and keep your content organized. This allows […]

  6. Design a Stylized Custom WordPress Login Screen

    The WordPress login screen is one of the most generic, we-have-all-seen-the-same-thing, parts of a WordPress site. And, oddly enough, it’s one of the more awkward things to modify as well. There’s no built-in features for adding your logo or changing the overall look and feel. In this article, I’ll show you in a few short […]

  7. The Ultimate Include/Require Script for WordPress

    As a WordPress developer that creates highly customized products for my clients, I found myself running into the same problem over and over again when attempting to create PHP scripts within the WordPress framework. I love using the built-in functionality of WordPress, but I kept running into the same error messages over and over: “call […]

  8. Design Organized Websites Rapidly with 960 Grid

    In this article, I will discuss the power of 960 and show you how to create a 12-column layout (or other size if you want) so you can hit the ground running with grid systems. I have a fully functional CSS and HTML example below, and you can download my Photoshop template to design concepts […]

  9. The Definitive Guide to CSS Transitions

    Back in the golden days of the web, we had a little thing called Flash to help us make the web a dynamic, fun, interactive place. But, Flash is being used less and less. Of course, in certain environments it can still be put to amazing use, but in today’s web environment you need CSS […]