Jeremiah Shoaf is a freelance designer from Colorado. His side projects include a web typography showcase and a site offering HTML5 templates and flat-file CMS themes.

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  1. 10 Remarkable Website Typography Designs

    Just a few years ago if you used the font Proxima Nova on your website, other designers would marvel at how awesome your “typography” was.

    It didn’t matter how you actually used the type on your site – just the fact that your site wasn’t using Arial would be enough to make it stand out from the crowd.

    These days seemingly every new website takes advantage of nice web fonts such as Proxima Nova, Avenir or Open Sans. And that’s no longer enough to make your site remarkable. Sites need to be based on solid typographic principles and use type in new and interesting ways in order to truly be remarkable.

    I’ve seen plenty of sites that use nice fonts but nonetheless still have bad typography. In this post I will show 10 examples of websites with remarkable typography – not just nice fonts, but nice typography.

    1) Google for Entrepreneurs

    Google for Entrepreneurs

    There isn’t an easier way to combine typefaces than to go with a superfamily. Roboto and its slab serif family member, Roboto Slab, make a perfect font combo. Their letterforms harmonize perfectly while still maintaining a solid contrast between the sans-serif and slab serif styles.

    It’s no surprise that Google chose to use the Roboto family for their Google for Entrepreneurs site as Google originally commissioned the Roboto family for use in their Android operating system.

    2) Benoit Challand

    Benoit Challand

    As its name implies, Libre Baskerville is a free font. And for a free font it looks wonderful. Benoit Challand’s site shows off the finely balanced curves of Libre Baskerville by setting the type at a very large size. The ever popular Avenir, which was voted the #1 most favorite font of leading designers, balances out the design with its quiet and stately presence.

    3) AKQA


    AKQA have always been known for their bold and engaging design work. However, their personal brand has always had a stark and unassuming look. Their new site keeps up with this tradition by sticking to a black and white color scheme and using a single typeface, Benton Sans.