Jennifer Farley is a designer, illustrator and design instructor based in Ireland. She writes about design and illustration on her blog at Laughing Lion Design.

Jennifer's articles

  1. How To Use The Background Eraser Tool In Photoshop

    The Photoshop Background Eraser tool doesn’t make a selection, but it allows you to select an area and then erase the background with just one action. Jennifer explains how this can be useful in speeding up the process of extracting a shape from an image.

  2. Focus On Typography, Part 4: Space

    Let your text breathe by putting some space around it, and, in it. This is an important design principle that is often forgotten by new designers. It’s often the case that less is more. In this post, Jennifer takes a closer look at space.

  3. Focus On Typography, Part 1: Contrast

    You won’t get many visitors to stay on your site if they can’t read your text. In the first of a four part series on Typography on the web, Jennifer looks at how you can improve legibility by using contrast.

  4. Developing Your Design Process

    Regardless of what colour might be in this season, there are some parts of web design which are pretty fundamental and really don’t change too much. Jennifer looks at a broad overview of the web design process.

  5. Design A Successful Coming Soon Page

    The Coming Soon page lets your visitors know that you are working on something great and it will be available shortly, so what should you include on it? Jennifer takes a closer look at the anatomy of a teaser page.

  6. How To Customise Your 404 Page

    The 404 page is becoming an art form of its own, but what exactly is it for and what should you put on it. Jennifer gives an overview of how to use the 404 Error page.