1. BYO ASP.NET4 Website – Our New Book!

    We’ve got a brand new book, and you guys are the VERY FIRST people in the world to get your hands on it!! This book is NOT available anywhere else right now. You get it FIRST, right here at SitePoint! This fully-revised ASP.NET4 book is perfect for you if you’re a designer or developer eager […]

  2. I wish I’d known this sooner …

    Last week, when I got my hands on a top-secret preview copy of “The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing” by The Web Marketing Ninja (the most mysterious member of the Problogger team), I knew I was in for a treat. Problogger’s website, books, and events offer so much great information about blog monetization. And, the […]

  3. Introducing: DesignFestival

    We are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest family member: Design Festival! Design Festival is an exciting new website created from the ground up by the passionate team here at SitePoint. We want to explore web design topics in more detail, and decided a whole new website would provide the focus we’ve […]

  4. Let Us Take You All the Way to the Cloud …

    If you’re still hosting sites the old way, it’s time to take a closer look at cloud computing. Announcing the official AWS insider’s guide to cloud computing, “Host Your Web Site in the Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy,” authored by Amazon Web Services Senior Evangelist, Jeff Barr. Cloud hosting is ideal for developers and […]

  5. No More HTML Email Headaches!

    This book is perfect if you are a designer or developer who is ready to expand the range of services you provide to clients. All aspects of planning, designing, and building HTML email are covered — with plenty of eyecandy to ignite your creativity.