Jean-Pierre Gassin is a web developer, writer and design enthusiast from the Gold Coast, Australia. He runs The GeekGrounds, a tech and gaming culture site, and is studying a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Jean-Pierre's articles

  1. 30 Websites with Awesome Mascots

    Catchy, memorable brand names and stylish logos are assets to any budding business, but a mascot has unique appeal that can foster a friendly, personal relationship between company and customer. For businesses that are primarily web-based enterprises with very little face-to-face interaction with customers, mascots are an especially good way to put a smiling face […]

  2. What Was the First Website You Designed?

    Recently, on Sitepoint’s Facebook Page, Hawk asked if anyone still had access to the first website they built. A lot of people contributed and we’re more than happy to take a look back on how the internet used to be. If you’ve got your own to add, let us know in the comments! We’d love […]

  3. Apple: What Were You Thinking?

    Apple’s reputation for bringing beautiful design to the world of technology is rock-solid, from products to packaging to marketing material. Whenever Steve Jobs has been at the helm, great design has been the focus. But we’ve found an anomaly for you. Apple’s Summer Movie Guide features a pretty hard-to-look-at design, and it doesn’t look like something that should have […]

  4. Flash Isn’t Dead: 30 Brilliant Flash Websites

    “Flash is dead” is the refrain we’ve heard thousands of times over the past few years. We’ve had debates on the subject on DesignFestival before. And while it’s certainly been disrupted and is falling out of favor as many designers instead focus on a combination of CSS3 and JavaScript, there are still many modern sites […]

  5. 30 Inspiring Sites with Illustrated Backgrounds

    A well-selected background illustration can give a web design lacking a bit of color the right amount of pop, and it can convey a great deal of information about the site’s purpose and values inexplicitly as well. The background illustration is a handy tool that can convey a sense of playfulness with a colorful cartoon […]