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  1. Classes in CoffeeScript

    JavaScript doesn’t have a traditional class system. Instead, it has prototypes. Prototypes can be extremely versatile and powerful, but they’re confusing to novices. Hence, CoffeeScript has created a traditional class system. But… how? CoffeeScript’s catchphrase is “It’s Just JavaScript,” and JavaScript is distinctly missing a traditional class system. In this article, we go over the […]

  2. Prototypes in JavaScript

    JavaScript has prototypes, and prototypes are weird. So weird, in fact, that some languages (like CoffeeScript) that compile down to JavaScript try to paper over this fact in an attempt to present a more wholesome, easily digestible package. However, once you learn to use prototypes they can be an amazingly useful tool in your arsenal.

  3. List Processing in CoffeeScript

    So you’re coding your CoffeeScript and you have a list that you need to deal with. In JavaScript there is a wide array (pun intended) of methods you can use to make your life easier, but CoffeeScript gives you the advantage of a concise and consistent syntax. Rather than a mashup of loops, jQuery forEach() […]

  4. An Introduction to CoffeeScript

    Imagine a desperate situation: you are in the land of Braughsir (adjacent to the kingdoms of Marrcup and Knoad), and in order to rescue a beautiful royalty of your preferred gender you must walk a hundred miles. Every few steps you have to spin around. And there are mines. Dropped-semicolon mines, unclosed-brace mines, global variable […]