Jason Beaird is a designer and front-end developer with over ten years of experience working on a wide range of award-winning web projects. With a background in graphic design and a passion for web standards, he’s always looking for accessible ways to make the Web a more beautiful place. When he’s not pushing pixels in Photoshop or tinkering with markup, Jason loves sharing his passion for the Web with others.

Jason's articles

  1. The Principles of Beautiful Typography

    The core purpose of all web design is communication, and typography is a vital component in the communications effort. Here, Jason introduces the basics of typography before exploring its application online. With practical tips, resource lists, and expert advice on topics like text size and punctuation, this primer is essential reading.

  2. The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

    Does your heart soar when you see great web page designs … and break when you look at your own? You don’t need to go to art school to create those sweet designs, as Jason explains. Read his hands-on tour of the underlying concepts of web page layout and composition today, and you’ll be designing professional-level, great-looking web pages tomorrow!

  3. Color for Coders – Color and Design for the Non-Designer

    Programmers *do* have to work with color sometimes! But even the least artistic coder can choose snappy color combinations with Jason’s handy how-to. His must-read tutorial cuts through the artsy hyperbole to provide the nuts and bolts of color theory – and its practical application.