James is a student and freelance Web developer, specialising in database driven Websites. He is also developing a powerful link directory script, SideLinks.


  1. Using Regular Expressions in PHP

    Are you getting stuck on PHP’s regular expressions? Look no further than James’ down-and-dirty how-to, which tells you all the basics you need to know, and shows how to put them to good use!

  2. Beginners’ HTML – Part 3

    In the third and final part of the series, James explains yet another essential of HTML – tables. Understand the table, tr and td tags, and keep on learning with James’s list of further reading!

  3. Beginners’ HTML – Part 2

    In this, the second installment in his three-part tutorial, James reveals more of HTML’s capabilities. You’ll learn about basic links, email links, how to add an image to your page, and the alt attribute. Essential reading if you’re just starting out in HTML.

  4. Beginners’ HTML – Part 1

    You’ve always thought about building your own Website – now’s the time to take the plunge! This, the first in James’s three-part series, will have your home page up and running in no time!