James Edwards (aka brothercake) is a freelance web developer specializing in advanced DHTML programming and accessible web site development. He is an outspoken advocate of standards-based development, a part-time forum moderator, and author of the Ultimate Drop Down Menu system—the first commercial DHTML menu to be WCAG-compliant. Cameron Adams has a degree in law and one in science; naturally he chose a career in web development. His business cards say, “Web Technologist” because he likes to have a hand in graphic design, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and anything else that takes his fancy that morning.


  1. Script Smarter: Quality JavaScript from Scratch

    If you’ve avoided JavaScript, or only knew it in its previous "toy language" incarnations, now’s the time to step up and get to know the newer, smarter JavaScript. This hands-on tour will get you started with JavaScript before illuminating the ways in which the DOM can be utilised via JavaScript, the practicalities of pop-up windows, and how JavaScript can work within a web page to produce slick DHTML effects.