Jack Herrington is an engineer, author, and presenter who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He lives with his wife, daughter and two adopted dogs. When he's not writing software, books, or articles you can find him cycling, running, or in the pool training for triathlons. You can keep up with Jack's work and his writing at http://jackherrington.com.

Jack's articles

  1. Funky Flickr Flex Widgets

    In this tutorial, Jack demonstrates how to create a small Flex widget to display a set of location-based Flickr photos, and embed it so that it doesn’t interfere with your web page content.

  2. Distributed Processing With Flex and AIR

    Whether you’re searching for extra terrestrials or decoding DNA, cross-platform distributed processing has never been easier with Adobe AIR! In this tutorial, Jack shows you how to easily dispatch a PHP application’s processing to the desktop of your application’s many users.

  3. Map Your OpenSocial Data Using Flex

    The emerging OpenSocial standard is a powerful new API for creating exciting new mashups. In this tutorial, Jack shows how to mix Google Maps, Flickr, and OpenSocial using Adobe Flex. Take the quiz at the end for your chance to win a book!

  4. Build a Yahoo Music Mashup with Adobe AIR

    Ever wanted to do more with your iTunes library? In this tutorial, Jack shows you how you can leverage the Yahoo Music API to create video timelines of your favorite artists—and get your hands dirty with Flex and AIR along the way! Oh, and there are more books to be won…

  5. Build A Web 2.0 Voting Widget With Flex: Part II

    More Flex quizzes, and more book giveaways! In Part II of this series, Jack expands on our voting widget in Flex 3, and once again provides a quiz for you to test your knowledge at the end—and receive a free book for your trouble!

  6. Create A 3D Product Viewer in Flex 3

    If you’re going to experiment with Flex 3, you might as well create something cool, right? With only a small amount of code, Jack shows you how to create an awesome 3D model of a light cycle from the movie Tron that your users can view, rotate, change the color of, and more!