Jacco Blankenspoor is a website developer from the Netherlands, and is currently much involved in job sites built on WordPress. You can see him in action at his current pet sites: Heathrow Airport Jobs and Airport Jobs, a job engine built on WordPress.

Jacco's articles

  1. WordPress Hosting Compared, Part 1: Overview

    If you develop WordPress websites, you have probably come across WordPress hosting. This can be hosting your WordPress(.org) site with a specialized provider or using a specialized set up, or hosting it on WordPress.com itself. In this article I will explain what exactly is WordPress hosting, and when you would probably need it. In the […]

  2. Why You Need Transactional Email

    Introduction Transactional email is all around us, but you quite possibly don’t recognize it as such. Also referred to as app-based email, it is the little mail you receive after performing a certain action, or an action is taken for you (more on that later). Sounds easy right? At first it seems so, until you […]

  3. Taking Windows Azure to the Next Level

    In my previous tutorial I showed you how easy it is to set up a simple HTML site or Magento web store on Windows Azure. Now it’s time to take it a step further, since these examples only touched the a minor part of the Windows Azure feature set. I will now show you how […]

  4. How to Use Windows Azure

    You’ll no doubt be aware of the great contest SitePoint is currently holding in conjunction with Windows Azure. Push the Web Forward invites you to take on one of three challenges that involve uploading an app or website to Windows Azure. There are plenty of cash prizes, up to $5,000 for the toughest challenge. The […]

  5. First Look at Thelia 2: Next Generation E-commerce?

    Introduction Unless you’re from France, you may not yet have heard about Thelia, an e-commerce system that is getting some international attention, due in no small part to the buzzwords thrown around in the media material released for the launch of the beta version of Thelia 2 in late September. The full version won’t be […]

  6. Self Hosted Shopping Carts: Prestashop vs. OpenCart

    This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Self-Hosted Shopping carts

    This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Self-Hosted Shopping cartsAfter comparing WooCommerce and Magento, it is now time for Prestashop and OpenCart to be compared. WooCommerce and Magento were like David and Goliath, but Prestashop and OpenCart seem to be more equal when it comes to features and complexity. If that’s true, […]

  7. Integrating DoubleClick for Publishers into WordPress

    When building my new site, I wanted a professional solution for my ad management. I wanted to do more than just AdSense ads, as well as combining ad units into topic based bundles for better targeting. I’d heard of DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP) before. DFP, bought by Google in 2008, is free if you’re serving […]