1. SXSW Day three – Waiting for the bubble to burst?

    So you’re probably wondering what the title I chose above is all about. It only really occurred to me last night when someone said to me that this year at SXSW it felt like the dot com boom years. He said this because we were, at the time, each drinking our third or fourth free […]

  2. SXSW – Day two, still going strong

    One of the most problematic aspects of SXSW is knowing what to attend and what not to attend. At any given time there may be up to six different sessions that you can attend. That means each day you have to miss out on five sessions, four times over. When you’ve paid for the registration, […]

  3. SXSW – First day roundup

    Another March comes around, and with it another South By Southwest (SXSW). Once again I find myself making the pilgrimage with other like-minded web geeks to the web conference that really sets the standards (no pun intended) for all others. This is my forth time attending the conference and as a measure of how highly […]

  4. Accessible And Attractive Websites

    ‘Accessible’ doesn’t *have* to mean ‘ugly’. Ian tours a few accessible sites, highlighting their virtues in terms of looks and functionality as he disproves the myth of the ugly.

  5. Build Accessible Online Forms

    The unique elements in your online forms can make them pretty temperamental when it comes to accessibility. Ian shows how to build accessible forms, and what catches to look out for as you go.

  6. The Perfect Pop-Up

    Why do pop-up windows get such a bad rap? In a nutshell, it’s because they are nearly always poorly implemented or simply not needed. This tutorial shows how to create pop-up windows that won’t upset anyone – particularly the person browsing your site.