Hamid Sarfraz is a freelance writer and web developer at Page Config with six years of experience in front/back-end development and search engine optimization. Hamid publishes most of his work on his blog and occasionally writes for PHPMaster.com.

Hamid's articles

  1. Bringing Unicode to PHP with Portable UTF-8

    PHP allows multibyte variable names, mbstring and other extensions work with Unicode strings, and there are functions to translate strings between the UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 encodings, yet it’s widely acknowledged that PHP lacks Unicode support. This article covers what the lack of Unicode support means, and demonstrates the use of a library that can bring support to your application, Portable UTF-8.

  2. Array Operators in PHP: Interesting but Less Spoken

    PHP boasts a wide range of operators, such as arithmetic, logical, strings, etc. But unfortunately, the official documentation on how they behave when used with arrays is sparse at best. Learn about the operators used for working with arrays, as well as even how some of the other operators behave when they’re used with arrays.