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  1. (php zurich) webtuesday.ch tonight

    So this event is still going (after renaming to webtuesday.ch – final site updates still on my list). Actually it’s been a surprise success – there’s now a regular core of attendees and some fascinating technical points of view and experience. Tonights meet up promises to be good, focused on scaling at search.ch and local.ch. […]

  2. wxDebug

    In possession of wxPython in Action and with an itch to scratch, hacked together wxDebug (thanks to Python hosting) – a front end for viewing Xdebug profiling output, the UI design being inspired by (but by no means as good as) WinCacheGrind. A screenshot… The real mission was an excuse to do something a little […]

  3. __halt_compiler() – how nuts?

    Simon blogmarked PHP’s new(ish) __halt_compiler function which, according to the packet; … halts the execution of the compiler. This can be useful to embed data in PHP scripts, like the installation files. Byte position of the data start can be determined by the __COMPILER_HALT_OFFSET__ constant which is defined only if there is a __halt_compiler() presented […]

  4. PHP to the Rescue!

    If you’re looking for a thoughtful Saturday read, you won’t go far wrong with Error codes or Exceptions? Why is Reliable Software so Hard? by Damien Katz, which is worth it just for the visual interludes. In fact it’s less about error codes / exceptions and more about what you do when something does go […]

  5. PHP frontend for Xdebug profiling?

    Has anyone put together a PHP front-end for viewing Xdebug 2.x’s profiling output yet? Xdebug 1.x had this nice xdebug_dump_function_profile() function which planted a HTML table containing the profiling stats in your output – nice an easy to use, ignoring the minor issue that doing this “in band” with the code you are profiling slants […]

  6. Pretty Blue Screen

    Been playing around with Zend’s framework some more and finally got annoyed enough about how exceptions are displayed to do something about it. The code at the bottom of this post just needs including somewhere and enables a “pretty” exception handler – it’s not specific to Zend’s framework – to use it just… <?php // […]

  7. PHP6 gets a COMEFROM statement

    One of the more controversial additions to PHP6 is the GOTO. Some have argued it flys in the face of many years good programming sense but there are valid use cases, when running performance critical operations such as parsing, where the overhead of making PHP user function calls becomes significant. Anyway GOTO seems to have […]

  8. Evaluating PHP Applications

    Following on from here, perhaps the two most common questions I’ve seen people ask, when it comes to evaluating PHP applications are; Does it loook good? Is it easy to install? Now not everyone is a programmer or a system administrator – “normal human beings” rank these highly because they relate directly to the two […]

  9. Attack of the killer BBs

    You may have picked this up already but if not, it’s time to think about phpBB and security again. A couple of relevant links – Bot Authors Targeting phpBB Forums and phpBB mass hack being prepared?. Without wishing to say anything bad about phpBB, would strong recommend investigating alternatives. Two of note – Fud Forum […]

  10. WS-DeadParrot

    It’s rant time again (apologies – move along unless you’re feeling fiesty). It’s that REST vs. SOAP thing. There’s another round of debate traversing various blogs. This time it seems to be SOAP’s final death throes. If SOAP and all that makes little sense, know that you’re not alone and that you can happily ignore […]