Harry's articles

  1. Forum Comparison

    Following on from wikimatrix.org the same team has now put together forummatrix.org – not yet a comprehensive list but some familiar names already online for comparison. Might be nice to hook in some external data sources, such relevant security messages from BugTraq and perhaps blog posts from somewhere like Technorati. Anyway – another useful service […]

  2. ASCII diagrams to image

    In: +———+ +———+ +———+ | Shape | | Line | | Point | +———+ +———+ 2 +———+ | draw +<——–+ start +—-O+ x | | move +<-+ | end | | y | +———+ +———+ +———+ +———+ +–+ Circle | +———+ | center | | radius | +———+ Out: Seems this is a to-be-released feature […]

  3. The power of String.prototype.split() … almost

    If you feel you’re not getting enough respect as a web developer, here’s a nice pie [profanity warning - don't click if you're easily offended] to throw at people. Actually think the “time spent wishing a slow painful death on Bill Gates” segment needs expanding – Bill isn’t directly to blame. In fact it would […]

  4. Finally a little Railz’d

    So finally had a first hand run-in with Rails at last nights webtuesday, thanks to Patrice, based on his experiences of putting together list.blogug.ch. Was interesting but sadly we didn’t really have enough time with the game starting at 6 – Patrice was able to give us a demo of what Rails (and rake) provides, […]

  5. The Underground PHP and Oracle manual

    Chris Jones just announced the publication of the PHP and Oracle Manual (PDF) and from a high speed eyeballing, it’s good – basically tells you everything you need to know to be able to do useful stuff with PHP + Oracle but with little assumed knowledge. In fact it seems to be geared to the […]

  6. A Googlish puzzle

    It’s probably getting to the point where everyone’s a bit tired of hearing about Google’s interview process but recently heard a nice one someone was given to solve – one of those “Can you think like a programmer?” type questions. It goes like this… You have two eggs. These are special eggs – they can […]

  7. Reason to like PHP?

    Perl; print { open my $out, “>”, “pidfile”; $out or die } $$, “n”; Ruby; File.open(‘pidfile’, ‘w+’){ |fh| fh.puts Process.pid } I could have used ‘$$’ instead of Process.pid, but I prefer readability PHP; file_put_contents( ‘pidfile’, getmypid() ); Yeah I know, I know but anyway…

  8. Brion Vibber on Wikipedia and Mediawiki

    Looking at the top 20 of alexa’s global 500 popular sites, one thing that stands out is the majority are primarily “read only” sites – news, search or otherwise where updates to content are primarily managed by those running the site. The big three exceptions here though are myspaces (running .NET now I believe – […]

  9. Tim’s comment challenge…

    Tim Bray is considering the technology choices to add a comment system to his blog; I’d like to take this occasion to learn at least one new technology. Now he mentions Rails but reading his thoughts on the design would have to agree with his conclusion that that’s overkill. For a start why inject a […]

  10. Warming up to Yahoo! UI

    Kevin’s written a couple or times on Yahoo!’s User Interface Library. With endless new DHTML and AJAX libraries and frameworks being released every week, you could be forgiven for being less-than-excited by yet another. But scanning the slides of Simon’s XTech talk (PDF here) and, in particular, looking at what they’ve done with their Grid […]