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  1. Ubuntu Add-Ons with PHP

    The family album has been growing and coping with the volume of images, stored under Ubuntu is becoming a problem. With the attitude – “waste time to save time” – started exploring the options for some kind of digital workflow to automate whatever I can or at least keep mouse clicks to a minimum. One […]

  2. UTF-8 Email in PHP with eZ Components

    One of the subjects I brushed over last week was how you handle UTF-8 in email, because I don’t have a full picture on the best way to solve this. The fundamental problem is summarized nicely on Wikipedia’s discussion of MIME; The basic Internet e-mail transmission protocol, SMTP, supports only 7-bit ASCII characters [...]. This […]

  3. Hot PHP UTF-8 tips

    As a result of all the noise about UTF-8, got an email from Marek Gayer with some very smart tips on handling UTF-8. What follows is a discussion illustrating what happens when you get obsessed with performance and optimizations (be warned – may be boring, depending on your perspective). Outrunning mbstring case functions with native […]

  4. Scripters UTF-8 Survival Guide (slides)

    Following on from here, the presentation is now available here (PDF). Related recent discovery is TCPDF – basically a fork of FPDF (a pure-PHP PDF creator) but comes bundled with fonts that can handle a significant chunk of Unicode. Anyway – many thanks to the local.ch team for hosting us.

  5. UTF-8 Survival at webtuesday.ch

    Continuing with the theory that everyone lives in Zurich, doing a talk tonight: “Scripters UTF-8 Survival Guide”. More detail here – feel free to drop by (will post the slides tomorrow) So this isn’t a complete spam post, a question… If you’re using Unicode / UTF-8, do you still need HTML entities? My view is […]

  6. How strict is your dynamic language?

    Considering the “big four” dynamic, procedural languages; Perl, Python, PHP and Ruby, to an extent they’re much of a muchness, offering only small variations on the same theme (ignoring PHP’s lack of support for functional-style programming). But sometimes little things make a big difference, and perhaps most of all when your code is given input […]

  7. The case against web 2.0

    Via Simon, Gina Trapani asks some very relevant questions in the anti web 2.0… I still prefer my text files and my own MySQL databases to anyone else’s, and I’m not sure why I’m so alone in that sentiment. You’re certainly not alone but blogs, generally, only reinforce positive buzz, often uncritically. You’re also stepping […]

  8. Second Life for a weekend

    Had a free weekend to burn so rather than doing something sensible, like enjoying the great weather, decided to check out Second Life from Linden Labs, which has been popping up on more and more radars in the last few months, and just starting to reach the mainstream press. It’s actually been running for over […]

  9. Microsoft making progress…

    So there I was looking for to put a name to the implementor this JScript “feature” and it seems Microsoft have come up with a better solution. ;)

  10. Snake Soup

    One of the (few) defining points of Web 2.0 is consuming remote data and services. Which is great if your service provider is Amazon, Yahoo or Google but not so great if it’s your regional elected representatives, who may only have just arrived at Web 1.0. Being able to mine such sites for data is […]