Harry's articles

  1. Security: Preventing Cross-site Scripting

    Good article summarizing the dangers of Cross-Site Scripting and how to prevent them. Examples are in Perl but the basic message is never trust anything from the browser. Where cross-site scripting is concerned, particular caution needs to be taken if you allow visitors to your site to add content to it or “echo back” values […]

  2. Impressed by PHP

    Via Keith, Russell Beattie: “PHP Web Projects Continue to Impress Me”. why is Java web programming not keeping up? … I think it’s because PHP programmers want to get stuff done and Java programmers are geeks who want do stuff the “right” way. I’m getting sick of being in the latter camp.

  3. Lazy PHP: Part 1

    There’s alot to be said for laziness, particularily when it comes to PHP. I’m not talking about stretching out on the sofa but rather techniques you can employ to make your PHP code faster. How PHP works (from a distance) When a PHP script is requested from your server, a number of things happen before […]

  4. PHP Community Site – Call for Volunteers

    In case you hadn’t seen it via the PHP news channels, Chris Shiflett has been doing an amazing job putting together a central site for the PHP community: http://www.phpcommunity.org/. The first announcement is online here and a draft mission statement is growing here. The project is getting serious backing from a number of PHP’s core […]

  5. Drag and Drop PHP-GTK with wGlade

    Fascinating tutorial here on working PHP-GTK and wGlade on Windows (in German – translate to English). Have to confess that haven’t taken PHP-GTK too seriously so far but AppWizard (PHP-GTK stub code generator) may be a sign of things to come.

  6. while (1 = 1)

    First blog. The responsibility is almost too much. Was trying to convince Sitepoint to call this “Harry’s Hot Tip of the Day” to lower expectations but they weren’t having it. See they’ve got Simon over there so I’d better shape up. Want to know about Test Driven Development? Try here. The author is Marcus Baker, […]

  7. The PHP Anthology Volume 2, Chapter 1 – Access Control

    Control user access to your site using both basic HTTP authentication and application level authentication. Harry also explains how to implement a user registration system and create a fine-grained access control system with users, groups and permissions in this, the lastest instalment of The PHP Anthology.

  8. The PHP Anthology Volume I, Chapter 3 – PHP and MySQL

    Chapter 3 of The PHP Anthology provides you with all the essentials of MySQL, PHP’s favorite database. From the basics of avoiding SQL injection attacks, Harry steps us through to the more advanced issues of MySQL’s FULLTEXT search facilities, corrupt table repair and database back up, and much more.

  9. The PHP Anthology Volume 1, Chapter 1 – PHP Basics

    As the wisdom of The Karate Kid dictates, you must learn to “wax on, wax off” before you can perform the flying kick. It’s the same with PHP. Put yourself in the hands of the sensei, as SitePoint’s own Harry Fuecks imparts the essential knowledge you’ll need to code best practice PHP through Chapter 1 of his new book!