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  1. A taste of projects to come with PHP5

    Just drawing attention to some interesting projects written specifically for PHP5. First up is cowiki which, despite being only on release 0.3.x, has already proved a hit and powers the phpCommunity site. The code is very well organised, packed with patterns and it’s clear the author knows Java. There doesn’t seem to any reliance on […]

  2. More on PHP Security

    The WACT Wiki now has a page about Php Application Security which (I assume, judging from the style) Jeff added. Right now it’s a pretty much a checklist for things to watch out for, plus links to many a bedtime read (or not if you like to sleep well). Although the WIKI was originally intended […]

  3. Whodunnit

    Ever needed to know who called that function or class method resulting in your app going horribly wrong? Try debug_backtrace(). Dropping this in the function where the problem was found, you get to see the call stack which led up to the function call. The call stack is essentially all the currently active functions / […]

  4. Notes on PHP Session Security

    Summarizing a discussion from here – things to watch out for when using sessions for your sites login system; 1. Shared web servers – anyone else on the server can read your session files (typically in the /tmp directory) if PHP is running as an Apache module (so the session files belong to the web […]

  5. PHPXref – Perl helping PHP

    Via the International PHP Magazine (Feb 2004, Print Edition) : PHPXref – a Perl utility for cross-referencing PHP source code and very handy indeed. Basically you point it at some directory containing PHP source code and it generates a set of static HTML pages allowing you to browse the code in your project. The most […]

  6. Python Server Pages

    Via Simon’s blogmarks… Python Server Pages. Finally! Personally think this is great news. Up until now (ignoring third party Python projects which have tried this), mod_python has had an awkward deployment mechanism (much like mod_perl, if you know it) requiring definition of handlers, within Apache. Python Server Pages make it pretty much the same as […]

  7. How do you learn how to use a library?

    Following an interesting discussion on Sitepointforums, a rough poll. If you’re getting started with some class library, like one of the many in PEAR, which of the following (if any) steps do you take to work out how to use it (and in what order)? a: Examples package with the code b: API docs (such […]

  8. PHP5 Beta4 and XML

    John Lim has been documenting his experiences with PHP5 beta 4 and has some encouraging things to say about performance and simplexml. With PHP5 now using libxml2 for all XML support, “things” are looking very interesting. Christian Stocker, who works on the DOM extension (and happens to work down the road from me, so get’s […]

  9. HTTP_Digest headed for PEAR

    Looks like that HTTP_Digest implementation I mentioned here is headed for PEAR: Proposal for Auth_HTTP_Digest. Rui Hirokawa seems to have picked up the ball from Thomas Pike (the original author) and is organising the PEAR version of the package. Good to see this become part of PEAR.