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  1. The Joy of Regular Expressions [2]

    So continuing the fun started here… Contents Part 2 Where we’ve been so far… Hunting for .jp(e)gs Escaping Meta Characters Search and Replace preg_quote() preg_replace() Word Boundaries, Word Characters… and everything else Sub-patterns Spot the XSS Hole eval() is evil! preg_replace_callback() Part 3 is here Where we’ve been so far… First a quick summary of […]

  2. The Joy of Regular Expressions [1]

    Was asked recently if I knew of any good regular expressions tutorials (preferably in PHP). The question came from someone certainly smart enough to “get” regular expressions but they’d been unable to find accessible help. Most regular expression tutorials I’ve seen are organised around teaching the syntax incrementally, which can quickly lead to mental overload. […]

  3. BarCamp Zurich

    Quick tip off if you’re in Switzerland (or feel like travelling) – BarCamp, the un-conference is coming to Zürich on October 28, 2006 – http://barcamp.ch/BarCampZurich. Some interesting speakers already lined up. Related blogging here, here and here.

  4. Eliminating async Javascript callbacks by preprocessing

    The Catch 22 of AJAX is, for the sake of an easy life, most of the time we want to write “synchronous code” but asynchronous is the only way to avoid some rather nasty usability issues. This means rather than being able to write simple code, as we’d like to, such as; function doClick() { […]

  5. CouchDb: document oriented persistence

    If you’re looking for something “interesting” to mess around with, Damien Katz’s CouchDb project is at the point of working prototype, the server implemented in Erlang (a hot topic in some places) and a demo client application (a simple forum) in PHP. Firing up the CouchDb server on Windows is a breeze – follow the […]

  6. PHP extension for Cairo graphics library

    Thanks to tip off from Jared “Ren” Williams (is that you? – any link?) here – the Cairo wrapper extension by Hartmut Holzgraefe – nice demo. Cairo is the “next generation” vector graphics library for Linux and very cool to have it available in PHP. Also cool about the extension was created using PEAR::CodeGen_PECL, which […]

  7. Flickr mySQL DBA Blog

    Quick note – Dathan Pattishall, one of Flickr’s db / software engineers has been dropping notes on his new blog mySQL DBA – some fascinating insight and technical tips. Related to recent UTF-8 discussions… Rebuilding 4.0 data into 4.1 data What does mySQL 4.1 do with utf8 and collation Calculating utf8 sizes for varchars MySQL […]

  8. Higher Order Perl (and Javascript / Ruby)

    Currently juggling about 15 bookmarks in a copy of Higher Order Perl by Mark Jason Dominus. Just a mini-review – for a more detailed review try here. From the inside cover… As a programmer, your bookshelf is probably overflowing with books that did nothing to change the way you program… or think about programming. You’re […]

  9. Personality Obsessions of Software Developers

    Rob Walling managed to generate a lot of interest in writing Personality Traits of the Best Software Developers. While I vaguely agree with Rob’s points, at some level reading it produces a feeling which I can only compare to finding a fingernail in your sandwich. Approaching 10… On this “perfect developer” profile, strikes me there […]

  10. Open Source Image Archiving: Exif, IPTC, XMP and all that

    Related to this hack started taking a serious look at the available standards and Open Source tools for adding meta data to images, in the context of building archives of digital photography. With further prompting from reading this (Hey! MS are adopting someone else’s standard!), dumping some notes… Photo Archiving: The Golden Rule Store metadata […]