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  1. This is just wrong…

    Messing around with gscloud.pl against the webtuesday access logs and noticed a surprising number of referrals from Google for searches like 14th November – the 9th result takes you to to here! (I’m not logged out from Google so I assume these aren’t somehow weighted by my search history) Exploring further… Search: 16th May – […]

  2. The next hot PHP app you install might be IBM’s

    In case you hadn’t paid any attention to QEDWiki so far, check out this demo. The server-side is written in PHP using Zend’s framework – more detail here and most recent info seems to be here (it’s not released yet – some time soon) The idea of application wikis and situational applications has a lot […]

  3. The Case for Registering Multiple Domains

    Via /. – Optimizing Page Load Time has some very interesting insight, in particular this point; By default, IE allows only two outstanding connections per hostname when talking to HTTP/1.1 servers or eight-ish outstanding connections total. Firefox has similar limits. Using up to four hostnames instead of one will give you more connections. (IP addresses […]

  4. The Joy of Regular Expressions [4]

    Having found some more joy, time to interrupt your Friday evening viewing, picking up the saga from where we left off last time. Contents Is that a date? The d meta character More sub patterns User friendlier dates The PCRE Extended Pattern Modifier Non-Capturing Sub Patterns Branching Hex Literals Exploding with Patterns The White space […]

  5. It’s official: Javascript sucks harder than PHP

    The surprise outcome of last nights webtuesday – Javascript sucks harder than PHP. I still can’t quite believe it. Maarten took the PHP corner against me in the Javascript corner, both of us shamelessly advocating each language under various headings – 1 minute max per topic – no outright lies although often bordering on truthiness. […]

  6. Puzzling Forecasts

    In the same vein as this, here’s a real world puzzle that might serve as a nice (or annoying) interview question – relates to something I had to deal with at work today. There are a number of types of aviation weather bulletins, used worldwide and often critical to the operations of airlines etc. Many […]

  7. PHP MapReduce

    So after my initial concern over the impact of this, figured it out at last – what Google is trying to tell us – we’ve got a huge cluster right there at our disposal! So spent the night hacking together PHP MapReduce – the master node, which you run on your server, uses this search […]

  8. Oh dear

    Google Code Search for Security Vulnerabilities Here’s my attempt – hunting for $_GET / $_POST / $_COOKIE placed at the start of on and include / require / include_once / require_once – potentially a path to include remote files. (Un)?fortunately seems to break the search interface right now – although more results are reported, you […]

  9. mod_wxJS

    So there I was, getting ready for the PHP vs. Javascript showdown and I happened to take another glance at wxJS after being tipped off a while back here. After more than four years work (Sourceforge registration date) the project is now at 0.8.4. And it’s not only doing the GUI part wxWidgets (C++); it’s […]

  10. The Joy of Regular Expressions [3]

    Following on from the last part, this one is more of an intermission – a round up of regex syntax seen so far and a couple of links following feedback. Part 4 is here. Reads First you have to check out Andrei’s Regex Clinic (slides / pdf) – even if you don’t get it all, […]