Greg began working for advertising agencies in 2000 as a web developer where he quickly extended his portfolio to include multimedia and animation, ASP and SQL. He moved within the advertising industry to project and team management and client consultancy, before leaving to work as a project manager for a global leader in news aggregation. He currently co-ordinates International Microsoft .Net application development teams in the development of core web-based products.


  1. Ignore MSN Search at your Peril

    If you’ve been focusing on Google to the exclusion of other major search engines, it’s time to get your head out of the sand! In this insightful article, Greg shows how MSN is building a platform from which to challenge Google, and warns search engine marketers to give strong consideration to MSN in their SEO efforts.

  2. Using Accesskeys is Easy

    Accesskeys add real value to your site for very little effort. Once you insert them into your pages, you’ll wonder why you never did before! Accesskeys *are* easy, as Greg explains…

  3. Big Brother Is Watching Us All

    Is your government working to protect your human rights? Or is it quietly eroding privacy laws to the point where nothing is sacred? Greg argues the latter…

  4. The Cookie Conundrum

    The heated debate about cookie usage rages on… Greg takes the facts, arguing the case for cookies and explaining why a cookie ban is bad news.