Gord Collins has been an SEO Specialist since 1998 and has written two books on the topic of search engine optimization. His firm, Bay Street SEO provides consulting and Web development services for companies across North America.


  1. What’s Your Link Reputation?

    Forget Pagerank: as Gord explains, this measure no longer allows us to accurately or consistently predict how a page will perform in the search results. Here, he unravels the concept of Link Reputation, explaining why it’s important and what it means for your site’s ranking.

  2. Text Link Ads: Buy Your Way to the Top?

    Text link ads have been a boon to many …and a bust to some. Gord takes a closer look at the controversial practice of purchasing text links on sites related to your own, exploring how the industry works, how it evolved, and its prospects for the future.

  3. Latest Search Engine Spam Techniques

    Search Engine Optimization has never been tougher — and spamming has never been more common. Gord shines the light on the most underhanded spamming techniques and their penalties, so that astute Webmasters know what to avoid in the race for results.