Gian Wild has been working in accessibility since 1998. She worked on the very first Australian accessible web site and was the accessibility consultant for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. For six years she was actively involved in the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group. Gian Wild is the Director of AccessibilityOz.

Gian's articles

  1. Making Accessible Links: 15 Golden Rules For Developers

    Links are the soul of the web — they are what makes it special.

    In the past, printed texts relied on far clunkier devices — things like footnotes, appendices and marginalia — to add related content and extra context to the body text.

    But if the web has had one great trick from the start, it is its ability to stitch together disparate content in a non-linear, but still meaningful way.

    That is why there is a huge onus on us — the builders of the web — to make sure those links work for users of all abilities.

    This is, unfortunately, a little more complicated than just avoiding the use of phrases like “click here”.

  2. The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: Information Relationships

    The Information and Relationships Success Criterion is a very complex requirement. Unlike other success criterion, it is not sufficient to comply with only one or two of the listed techniques – it is important to comply with all the relevant techniques. This means that this success criterion covers a wide range of requirements – in […]